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We have been manufacturing indoor growing LED lamps since 2009,  and in our field we beg to differ from the others using what we have: our experience. Our service is targeted to people looking for assistance, advice, and high quality products. We rely on top brand components, from trustworthy companies such as Osram, Cree, Samsung, Citizen, Osram or Bridgelux for the optoelectronics parts and Mean Well for power supplies. We don’t sell rebranded Chinese products. We design our lamps, picking every component. Some times our products are assembled and tested in Europe.

  • Manufacturing LED lamps for indoor growing since 2009

  • Leader brand in Europe, renown for key researches in LED technologies

  • Issuing up to 5 years long warranty on our products

Our Engineering

Our products are designed in Switzerland and assembled in Shenzen and in Italy. Every item has to pass an ``aging line``, where it's turned on for 48 hrs streight before being packaged and shipped

Our Mission

We want you to obtain the best crops paying a fair price. You satisfaction is our goal. Phytolite means assistance and seriousness. Our robust, reliable products cater to pros and beginners,

The history of Phytolite LED lamps for indoor cultivation

The Phytolite brand was born on 21 September 2009 from the project of a distributor of products for indoor cultivation with long experience in the use and distribution of phytostimulant lighting systems generated by the irrepressible production imagination of Andrea Sommariva, the general manager of the brand.

Phytolite’s activity was initially focused on the production of HPS (High Pressure Sodium), MH (Metal halide) and CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) discharge lamps for indoor cultivation, but as soon as the first LEDs for cultivation appeared on the indoor growing market the management’s attention was immediately directed to these.

Despite the quality of the first LED systems for indoor cultivation was relatively poor at the time, and despite the false start due to the unprofessional claims of some European importers, Phytolite management immediately realized that, if properly engineered, indoor growing LEDs could really one day equal, if not exceed the old HPS technology.

These new LED lamps for indoor cultivation were immediately the object of Phytolite research and were used in small grow boxes, proving to be absolutely insufficient, but also showing a possibility of spectrum management that was unthinkable with the old technologies. The LEDs for indoor cultivation immediately showed that their limits were due to the choice of the rather poor components that at the time seemed obliged by market conditions. Nevertheless, in the vegetative phase, they were very efficient.

It was clear that something had to be done to increase the functional emissions of the flowering phase, and it was not easy. The first series of LEDs for indoor cultivation completely designed by Sommariva, namely the Phytolite NX line that used a metal case of our design without copyright, was by far the most copied in Europe.

With the name Apollo led for indoor cultivation various products were distributed, aesthetically identical to ours but which often had poor components. And all they had problems of overheating and insufficient band, with consequent defections and breakdowns. We immediately modified the LED module mounted on that line and eliminated the overheating problem. In addition to this we wanted to try adding a new band, the “Far Red”. Even these two modifications were immediately copied by all the Chinese clones, first of all the “Apollo” which gained a lot of market thanks to the aesthetics identical to that of Phytolite NX.

The Apollo LED line also copied our 5 bands in record time. After only 3 months we decided to add a band and get to the 5 bands, the Apollos were ready on the market with the same spectral characteristics. This led us to think that we were really the best and among the few who really did experiment. The Phytoled 200W was an immediate sales success.

We sold around 2500 pieces of this model in just one year. Our 5-band spectrum specific for indoor LED cultivation was finally copied by almost all LED producers for indoor cultivation, to our great satisfaction, as well as being surprising. It was clear that few companies devoted themselves to testing and measuring results, preferring instead to blindly trust us and save time and money on research. We made a lot of progress from that first line. Today all our lines are designed in Switzerland. Most of our indoor growing LEDs are assembled and tested in Europe. The use of components for the production of high quality indoor LEDs, such as CREE, OSRAM, BRIDGELUX, MEANWELL, SAMSUNG, CITIZEN has positioned us on the high end of the indoor gardening market.

Our client knows that, by purchasing LEDs for indoor cultivation under the Phytolite brand, he has a performing, assisted and robust product, even if he chooses the most economical line. The quality of our indoor growing LEDs is also guaranteed by the free warranty up to 5 years, depending on the lines. The Clorofilla lineis gaining one of the best positions on the indoor LED market.

The components of the LEDs for indoor cultivation Phytolite are from trusted brands:

From 2 to 5 years warranty depending on the product line


Best components

Our products are powered by the best brands: Cree, Osram, Citizen, Bridgelux, Samsung


Personal assistance

We will help you out finding what you are looking for, and troubleshooting your set up


Swiss engineered LED

We meticulously study our products in our Swiss labs

phytolite clorofilla indoor growing led lamp

Free Shipping

All our private clients are getting free shipping for purchases over 100€


Top resellers offers

We offer interesting discounts to our distibutors buying bigger quantities


Extended Warranty

The manufacturer’s warranty lasts 12 months and can be extended by registering the purchase on the site

Our Brands and Partners

We take pride in working with the best companies in our field. We choose trustwhorty and  renowned business partners and suppliers.

Every month and every year the optoelectronics market offers new solutions and products. While standardizing the product and making public all the information on the components used has always seemed to us a transparent and due practice, on the other hand this production and communication policy forces us to a less dynamic and prevents us from adopting the solutions more innovative in a short time.

For this reason, starting from the end of 2019 we will start using components not only from Osram and CREE but also from other manufacturers (Samsung, Citizen, Bridgelux etc) so that we can always offer the best price / performance ratio to our growers. We will continue to guarantee our products as always but with the flexibility needed to implement new solutions very quickly, and this exclusively to continue offering technically advanced products.

For more information on this topic, please contact us.

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