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Resina Micro & Q-Boards

A professional line of Grow light LED based products made with the best electronics components on the market. SMD technology, Samsung chips 300K and 660nm red, UV and IR radiations combined, offer a complete spectrum from vegetative to flowering. Mean Well dimmable power supply funcions are offered in the high level products of the range, while non dimmable and economic boards are proposed in the "micro" versions for beginners and small applications. Passive cooling, noiseless running, aluminium frame, ultra thin design are some of the technical particular characteristic of this line. Explore the models and find the best fitting product for your grow room.

Resina MicroBoard 30
53,20 € 53,20 € 53.2 EUR
Resina MicroBoard 60
89,34 € 89,34 € 89.34 EUR
Resina QBoard 120W
245,08 € 245,08 € 245.08 EUR
Resina QBoard 240W
351,64 € 351,64 € 351.64 EUR
Resina QBoard 320W
474,59 € 474,59 € 474.59000000000003 EUR