Clorofilla Led Lamp CREE 3070 495


2200 μmol measured in the center with lenses. (with lenses. Distance 50cm).

This is the model choosed by many professional and commercial growers in EU and US. Its rectangular shaped cabinet is optimized to illuminate areas ranging from 100 x 120 to 120×150 (with lenses). Removing lenses cultivated area can increase also depending from the type and dimensions of plants.Clorofilla CREE 3070 495 mounts six CXB 3070 COB surrounded by 12 3W Osram SLL80 leds that optimize the emissions by strengthening them on the most important frequencies for flowering and vegetative growth.

COB lens can be removed to significantly increase the emission angle from 60° to 120°.

0136 ,
  • High PPDF emission
  • Full Spectrum CREE 3000K + Osram Oslon Color Mix
  • Full Cycle: from germination to flowering
  • 3 Channels
    Use Osram perimeter ring only(Color Mix) for germination and first weeks
    Both channels for vegetative and flowering
    Use COB only for maintenance and mother plants
  • Industrial quality
  • High penetration and concentration light with 60 ° lenses. Remove lenses and mount protective non lenses glasses for 120° beam angle (Sea of Green, SCROG, small plants, clones) Video tutorial


With and without lenses


Nominal power 516 W
Real power 495 W
COB 6 pz.
3W LEDs 72 pz.
Sugg. area 100×120 cm / 120×150 cm
Dimension 60x40x7,5 cm
NW 10,3 Kg
Daisy chain 2 max


COB brand CREE CXB3070 COB
COB Watts 50W/pz.
LEDs brand Osram SSL80
LEDs module Watts Surround LEDs (30W)/Module
Power factor >96%
AC input voltage AC100V~265V/50-60Hz
Controller Dual Switch, CH1: COB; CH2: Surround LEDs
Optics High borosilicate glass / PMMA
Spectrum Full Spectrum
Warranty Full 2 years warranty (+3 after registration)
Certification CE, ROHS


Deep Red 660nm x30
Red 630nm x18
Hyper Red 730nm x6
White 6500K x12
Deep Blue 450nm x6
COB White CREE 3000K x6


PPFD 50cm 100cm
Clorofilla 495 2200 1030

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