GX200 Vegeta


Compact growing-LED system for full growth cycle.
Easily interchangeable LED modules: vegetative, full cycle, real vision.

AG-4V ,

This product, like the Vegeta GX 100, is ideal for the germination and rooting of cuttings, also indicated for vegetative phase of plants and for maintenance of mother plants, using the exclusive “Vegeta” spectra. Equipped with excellent cooling system in a solid construction, this product will get to work and will continue to do so for years, thanks to the professional construction features and materials used. With Vegeta GX 200 you can set up small and large areas dedicated to the vegetative phase by eliminating the most expensive MH lamps and optimizing electricity consumption. Mother plants showed a quicker recovery after been cutted for cloning, if exposed to white / blue radiation,. Vegetative phase is promoted thanks to our specific “Vegeta” spectrum. Compared to MH lamps, GX vegeta offers reduced energy consumption (MH400W consumes around 440 / 450W and produces PAR emissions similar to a GX Vegeta 200) and last longer working time. An MH should be replaced every 10/12 months while Vegeta lasts 50,000 hours and can be reconditioned indefinitely.
The “PAR Optimizer Carter” accessory will make your electricity consumption more efficient by concentrating emissions in an optimal way.


Nominal power 192W
Real power 130W
LED Chip Power 3W
LED Q.ty 64
Sugg. area from 60×60 to 100x100cm
Dimension 35×36.5x11cm
NW. 5.9 Kg
Daisy chain Yes (set available in the package)


Engineered and Assembled Engineered in Switzerland
Brand LEDs Epileds
LEDs module Watts (±34W)/Module
Led Expected Life Span 50.000 hrs.
Power factor >95
AC input voltage 220 V AC
PCB Aluminium 2.0mm
Aluminium Cooler 122x122mm
Optics 90° Mounted on system and 120° set available in the package x replacement
Spectrum Vegetative
Warranty 2 years (spare parts available at EU support locations)
Certification CE, ROHS
Carton 4pcs/Carton
Size of Carton 77x51x45cm
GW/Carton 30.4 Kg

Color Blend Vegetative

Red 630nm x2
Blue 470nm x5
Deep Blue 450nm x5

Light spectrum


Certification 1 2 3

Test Report documentation 1 2 3

Official Warranty Certification 1 2

GX Datasheet PDF (ENG)

PhytoLEDs User manual

Flyer Vegeta

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