Clorofilla line: High Intensity, professional horticulture LED grow lights from Phytolite, built to meet the needs of indoor grow professionals.

Full spectrum cob 3000k + color mix leds.

Full cycle: from germination to flowering

        3 channels

        Germination and first weeks: use the perimeter ring only (color mix)

        Both channels for vegetative and flowering

        Maintenance of mother plants, cuttings: COB only

Industrial quality high penetration 60 ° lenses allow light to reach the bottom of plants.

5 years warranty

Remove lenses and mount protective glasses for 120° beam angle (sea of green, scrog, small plants, clones)
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Clorofila 80 Option: "Swing Support"

The Swing support is a useful accessory for Clorofilla 80, Linfa 100 and GX 100 from Phytolite. With this accessory our grow lamps are transformed into efficient, attractive lighting system for indoor growing, suitable for use during processes of germination and rooting of cuttings and growing aromatics and other plants for culinary use.

The vertical rod embedded in the base allows the height of the lighting unit to be adjusted, also making it possible to grow short-stemmed and medium-sized plants, while the horizontal arm also allows the depth positioning to be adjusted.

The solid base houses standard ceramic or plastic plant pots or holders fitted with small hydroponic systems.

Thanks to its attractive design, it looks great in kitchens and any other household or office environment.

Swing is made of solid tempered steel and stove painted.

* The Swing can be exclusively adapted to out Quantum GX 100, Clorofilla 80, Linfa


HPS equivalent150W
Min Grow Area cm80x80
Max Grow Area cm100x100
Max Grow Area clustering120x120
Real Power Absorbed (Watts)85W
Min distance from plants top without lenses30
Min distance from plants top with lenses40
CycleFull Cycle (Vegetative & Flowering)
SpectrumFull Spectrum "white" COB + Optimized RED/BLUE ring
Suggested Number of Plants (small)4
Suggested Number of Plants (medium)2
Suggested Number of Plants (large)1
Warranty5 Years (when registered)
COB Watts50W/pz.
LEDs module WattsSurround LEDs (30W)/Module
Power factor>96%
AC input voltageAC100V~265V/50-60Hz
ControllerDual Switch, CH1: COB; CH2: Surround LEDs
OpticsHigh borosilicate glass
SpectrumFull Spectrum
WarrantyFull 2 years warranty (+3 after registration)
CertificationCE, ROHS
Real power165 W
COB2 pz.
3W LEDs12 pz.
Sugg. area100×120 cm / 120×150 cm
Dimension40x20x7,5 cm
NW3,7 Kg
Daisy chain5 max
Deep Red660nmx5
Hyper Red730nmx1
Deep Blue450nmx1
COB White CREE3000Kx1