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Vegetative channel. Bloom channel. UV independent channel.
3 selectable distinct channels to meet all needs.
A vegetative channel, to be used individually in the first weeks after germination. A flowering channel, to be used in conjunction with the vegetative one. A UV channel to increase the defense reactions of the plant which can translate into increased production of active ingredients. Resina Q-Bar is a professional line of high quality indoor and greenhouse lighting products. Very easy to assemble, each bar is inserted with a simple gesture in the central body, containing the power supply and the dimming board. Extremely robust and compact with passive cooling (without internal ventilation)


Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

UV yes? Always? No? only in advanced blooming?

With a separate dimmable UV channel you can decide if and when to give UV to your plants

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Pluggable LED bars

Fast and easy connecting bars into main body. Small and compact package, safer shipments.

3 channels ON


Vegetative channel


Bloom channel


UV channel

Resina Q-Bar 250
474.59 € 474.59 € 474.59000000000003 EUR
Resina Q-Bar 510
736.89 € 736.89 € 736.89 EUR
Resina Q-Bar 700
1,015.57 € 1,015.57 € 1015.57 EUR
Resina Q-Bar Controller
56.56 € 56.56 € 56.56 EUR