PhytoLED Resina 630 Controller

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    Remote dimmable control for PhytoLED bar 630

    It can drive and dim the 2 PhytoLED resina Bar channels and turn on/off the light at a programmed time. (Timer)

    Group dimming functions

    Group timing functions

    Possible settings:

    * 24 hours ON

    * 18 hours ON

    * 16 hours on

    * 14 hours on

    * 12 hours ON

    62,37  considering 0.22€/kWh (EU average data) 15 hours/day (average 18h veg. 12h bloom)

    1000/1100 Watts

    From 120x120 to 140x140. Clustering 160x160

    From 50cm to 80cm in grow box. From 100 to 200 cm in greenhouse (clustering)

    Full Cycle. First 4 week vegetative can be done with only white channel on.

    Full spectrum White channel plus Red/Infrared/UV channel