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Specifications for 600W MH GROW

Description Our High intensity discharge lamps are specifically created for indoor cultivation and they offer high photosynthetic efficiency togheter with an excellent value price/performances. Grow Spectrum: Vegetative phase (MH) Metal halide lamps are part of the high-intensity discharge (HID) kind of grow lights. They produce high light output, with a reasonable consumption of energy. MH lamps are definitely a compact, powerful, and efficient light source suitable for the plant’s growing stage. *Our Phytolite MH bulbs can be used with HPS ballasts. Why Grow Spectrum? Higher luminous efficiency; Extended service life; Extremely lush growth; Excellent relationship between quality, performance and price; Light emission richer and more homogeneous; SLP technology to decrease the rate of early failures.
Lumen Flux 40.000
Base E40
Average Life 8.000 Hours
Cycle Vegetative only
Power 600W
Voltage 130V
Current 6,20
Warm up time 3-5 min
Lm/W 64