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Summer holidays

We are closed for vacations from August 3 to August 23.

Your orders will be processed from August 24 in the order in which they were received.

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Clorofilla family

Clorofilla is a professional line of LED lamps for high-end indoor cultivation, which offers high production yields and is particularly suitable for COMMERCIAL MANUFACTURERS and LEGAL CANNA...

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Resina NX2 family

You don't need to look for economic unknown chinese products to save your budget, anymore. The professional evolution of the “round” type “Apollo” or “Apollo plus” concept with 15 LEDs each modu..

Naked COBs etc.

For those growers that want to create customized solutions. Here a line of innovative products specifically designed and manufactured by Phytolite for “Do it Yourself” growers.

GX Family

One of the best selling LED lines for cultivation in Europe. Based on a "open source" philosophy. Led modules are exchangeable for spectrum and technology upgrades. Here you can find parts, accessories and upgrades.

NX Family

NX line is been the first design made by Phytolite and probably the most copied in the world. This design came out from our minds and been updated for years. We have now dismissed this line replacing it with the more performing NX2 Resina line. We continue to SUPPORT CUSTOMERS and provide spare parts and accessories